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What does a traditional Reiki session look like

Step 1 

A brief interview is carried out between me and you in order to define your concern of the moment, define the framework and agree on the terms of the session.

In doing so we both ensure a deep understanding on how reiki will help with your request and that the request falls into my scope of action.

Note: I am not a physician,  I will not issue any medical diagnosis as i am not habilitated to do so.

This conversation allows you to better identify your obstacles and coping mechanisms and for me to tailor the session to your specific need.

In the following steps, I will guide you through a transformative and freeing process allowing you to reveal your authentic self and feel a long lasting holistic well-being .

Step 2

This is the healing reiki session in itself:

You lie down comfortably, fully clothed, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and do nothing at all. 

I will proceed by laying my hands on specific points of your body (head, shoulder, belly, legs) and meditate during the whole process.

You will gradually fall into a  meditative state promoting access to deep levels of your consciousness, also allowing you to hold space for your natural inner healing and solving abilities.

In a remote setting I use an effective visualisation technique to connect to your body in the present moment.

Step 3

Following the deep meditation and the space you would have held for yourself, you can freely share what you have just experienced.

The alignment and well being felt during step 2 will allow you to better navigate your emotions, internal and unconscious blockages,  and integrate the transformative effect of the reiki session.

I can guide you through the experience and answer any questions that may have emerged. 

All through this last step, i will naturally channel guidance or information from your higher self.

Note: The information I share with you appears when you are ready to receive it in the present moment, only with your higher self's permission.

“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”
― Eckhart Tolle


All my treatments are offered remotely

The link to the skype conference will be sent prior to the session

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