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Welcome to the Reiki and energetic healing page

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About me


I am a highly empathic and intuitive reiki practitioner.

I have always felt my surroundings emotions and energy. 

After years of wondering how i could channel this aptitude, reiki manifested itself as the evident path.

I am honored to help my patients navigate their emotions and promote their well-being by actively listening and being profoundly respectful of who they are in the present moment. 

After working for several years as a pharmacist, it is time for me to use my gift for the greater good.

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My Treatments


Meditative relaxation
English and French

45 Min

Discover Reiki

Benefit from the deep relaxation the Traditionnal Reiki session brings 

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Traditionnal Reiki Session -

English and French

1H to 1H30

Introductory Interview

Reiki session

Closing interview

Coming Soon
Specific Sophro-hypnosis Support

In French

Up to 2H

1.  Pain management: Various tools used to help manage chronic physical pain

2. Pregnancy: Support pregnant woman in psychologically preparing for delivery and motherhood

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Sandra, France

“I have felt a surge of energy  2 days after the session, my life felt a lot lighter - it gave me the motivation to finally get back to the gym."

Fatima, France

"On the evening of the session i had a massive headache. The next evening i felt lighter than air. 

The following days, i noticed that i stopped sweating the small stuff at work. Working with Johara  was a deal maker for my career as i was on the brink of a burnout."

Evelyne, Netherlands

"Well to put it in simple words, a week after the very relaxing and comforting reiki session with Johara, i became pregnant!"

Get in Touch

Zürich, Switzerland

+41 79 405 92 95

Spoken Languages: 

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